Axl Rose revealed he was in bad weather during a recent Guns N ‘Roses performance at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

“I arrived at the show feeling good, but I started to get sick pretty early on,” the rocker explained via a series of tweets. “It progressed to where I was throwing up and dizzy. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had fallen from the front of the stage.”

The leader further revealed that his discomfort came and went throughout the evening. “I would be fine then not, well again then not all night,” he recalls. “It was pretty crazy but the crowd was great and I was in a big open space and we had fun.”

Although he admitted that the health issues “had spoiled my voice in places,” Rose was relieved to pull off the performance. The rocker tested negative for COVID-19 and said the cause of his illness was “most likely food poisoning.”

Guns N ‘Roses is in the middle of a North American trek that runs through October. The tour was scheduled to travel to Mexico for three performances, but these have been postponed due to the country’s recently tightened COVID restrictions. The group is still expected to visit Australia in November.

Meanwhile, rumors surrounding possible new GNR music continue to persist. Earlier this summer, the band made their debut with the track “Absurd” during a stop in Boston. Although Rose described it as “a new Guns N ‘Roses song,” the track was actually a revamp of the Chinese democracy-The song of the era “Silkworms”.

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