Tsunami and tomorrow

with the participation of Jane Birkin, Jun Miyake, Camille, Pierre Barouh,
Nicole Croisille, Francis Lai, Maia Barouh, The Caravan passes, Salvatore Adamo, Sanseverino, Sublime,
The horns of info. .. and many personalities.

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Japan is today affected by a huge humanitarian crisis. The needs are enormous and, with our donations, we can do a lot.
The magnitude of the cataclysm it is facing today is such that emergency aid is imperative. Northeast Japan is home to a small, rural, and often elderly population. The victims have lost everything, they survive in makeshift shelters and lack food, water, gas, and access to medicines. The reality goes beyond the images that reach us.

The cultural attraction between France and Japan has existed for a long time and is still alive. Every year, many French artists of all disciplines will perform successfully in Japan. 23,000 Japanese live today in France. They are anxious and frustrated at not being able to be with their loved ones.

This evening is also for them. It is organized on the initiative of Maïa Barouh and Guillaume Diamant-Berger, with the support of Jean-Michel Ribes and the Théâtre du Rond-Point.

The price of the place is set at 35 euros and 350 euros in support price.
The proceeds from ticket sales will be entirely donated to humanitarian organizations already on the ground: the Red Cross and the “Kokkyo naki Kodomo” (KnK = Children without Borders) association.

Reservations at: 01 44 95 98 21 or on

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