The black on the library … or 11 musical moments with “black” in focus

Inspiration can come from any direction. Just recently, it has come almost simultaneously from far north of the polar circle and from the south with the son’s name. And almost as in the poetic Edda ‘s “Volus on” **, these ancient forces – the heat and the cold – have contributed to new life in the form of this post. Time to set the course against the black in the music! We’re doing a lot – we mean – music tips where “black” is the keyword.

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Black – Wonderful Life

This song to Colin Vearncombe can give hope and comfort. Of course, it’s about loneliness and certainly one of the 80’s most melancholic pop compositions, but there is so much charm both in the sound synth sounds and Vearncombe’s gentle, soothing voice. That it seems, albeit a bit sparingly jazzy here, makes the music experience extra nice. By the way – the music video made for the song has to be one of the most beautiful in music history.

Lana del Rey – Black Beauty

Do not you like this song? Do you really like Lana del Rey? Her second album – Ultraviolence – is a true gold mine when it comes to captivating songs. One of these is “Black Beauty”. Low pace, darkness, decadence, sadness, black nails and hair, and even this heavily painted black (and not least: my wedding dress black leather too) – all this is found here, in addition to Lana’s longing, but at the same time determined and confident voice. Great!

Type O Negative – Black No. 1

It’s a long time for Halloween, but since we’re in such a festive mood, it’s good to recommend the dark and gloomy Americans Type O Negative. All gay people with self-esteem know the band and one of their biggest hits – “Black No. 1 “

Only one starts playing this song, so suddenly you get completely black-dressed, with heavy-duty boots (summer and 30 plus degrees or not) and black lipstick in place. So, of course, you sing with Peter Steel:

I went looking for trouble
And boy
I found here …
She’s in love with herself.
She likes the dark


Her perfume smells like
Burning leaves.
Everyday is Halloween.

Solefald – Sagateller (from Black for Death: An Icelandic Oddyssey Part II )

Since we mentioned Edda in the beginning of this article, we must have something in mind as well. We do not know who is behind the Edda songs, except that these people obviously were able to play with words. The Viking Age scales have their worthy followers in Cornelius Jakhelln and Lars Are Nedland from Solefald.

The artistic erratic and creative duo explains us – in “Sagateller” – the essence of being the one who conveys the cultural heritage further. This is served with sound accessories of both intense and mild nature. The basis for the intense is the notorious and article-relevant genre, black metal. Read the fine text:

O father of truth and marvelous lies (…)
No name is a secret, no secret is unnamed
The sagas you tell humanity teach them about fate
Songs and legends from times of love and hate
When the words of Odin’s art resound through the horn
Heroes and Giants of the ancient epics are reborn (…)
Skald: The eyes of the universe, the witness of time
Heart and head tied together in rhythm and rhyme
The fury of enemies the madness of the young
Der er ingen ting i verden som ikke er i din sang

Amorphis – Black Winter Day

When we talk about mythologist songs, we must almost mention Finnish Amorphis. Here the band focuses its attention on Finland’s national poem , Kalevala . The story presented in the big hit, Black Winter Day, is based on a wedding motif with Ilmarinen and, above all, his prospective wife who is worried about how the future will be. The song’s melody guitar lines and the introductory keys have made it a Finnish hardrock evergreen. But it is also the mixture of brutal and pure voices, and the hard-working rhythm section, which highlights the singular character of the song.

Shining – Blackjazz Deathtrance

Want something else, but still a bit of hard rock? In this colossus of a song there is a loud, expressive wedding ceremony where jazz and black metal say “yes” to each other. And yes, this is sorting a lot of polarnets in Tromsø. At first earning, our survival instinct states that we should go as quickly as possible with the many wedding guests, but at the same time we begin to realize that no blasphemous acts are taking place here but a high quality musical selebrande.

Depeche Mode – Black Celebration

Enough hardrock. It will be much easier now, but still very black. For what could it be like when the song is called “Black Celebration”? The airy composition of the British offers a lot of velvet-soft synth tracks that eventually get in the head. Some may want to complain about the little kitsch prank, possibly for cute electronic sounds, but it’s something serious and solemn about this song (and not just because of the textual content), especially the first few minutes before the pace begins to increase . A nice, and perhaps not so famous, contribution from Depeche Mode.

Sisters of Mercy – Black Planet

Run around in the radiation
Run around in the acid rain
On a black
Black planet

Dead Can Dance – Black Sun

I’ve seen the eyes of living dead.
It’s the same game – survival.
The great mass play a waiting game.
Embalmed, crippled, dying in fear of pain.
All sense of freedom gone.

Black sun in a white world.
Like having a black sun in a white world.

Arcade Fire – Black Mirror

I walked down to the ocean
After waking from a nightmare
No moon, no pale reflection
Black Mirror, Black Mirror

Visage – Fade To Gray (well, not “black”, but almost then)

One man on a lonely platform
One case sitting by his side
Two eyes staring cold and silent
Show fear as he turns to hide

Aaah, we fade to gray (fade to gray)
Aaah, we fade to gray (fade to gray)


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