Sensitive forest by Les Souffleurs

It is on a very strange journey that the Souffleurs invited us to this old Sucrerie de Coulommiers, where they have been in residence for several months. Olivier Comte works with about forty blowers, actors, musicians, and directors, that we had discovered in 2001 at the Festival d’Aurillac.

We are invited to enter a large shed in groups and walk through a luminous maze; there are small pictures where are written sentences difficult to read because the words are not cut in the right place and therefore must be deciphered.

We access, alone and in silence, enigmatic sentences: “to agree to fail on pages that are often perfect” … “to preserve the secret of emotion above all else” … “the human word, to bring him regularly what breathe”.

This journey must plunge the walker into an inner forest as in a dream! We do arrive in a kind of non-figurative steel forest, a vast space where we wander among twelve tall masts scaled by actors equipped with thin luminous canes that can be grasped when they pass nearby to listen to poetic messages.

At first disconcerted, one wonders if the phrases they whisper in our ears are those that we could decipher, in our solitary walk. Little by little, we let ourselves be won over by the images of the naked actresses, and by the beauty of unreal music.


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