Must we fear the future? Yes, to feel good and protected in the world of Vincent Delerm’s past, as the audience seems to be that night. Prospects for the future are not very flourishing: European culture is in peril, in favor of a universal labile culture.
We are witnessing the disappearance of the ideologies and political powers of the states, at the expense of a globalization that is scary, so well materialized in the 90s by the “world company” Guignols info Alain Duverne.

It is precisely to a trip in the 70’s to 90’s Vincent Delerm invites us. At the age of 35, this singer, author and director of this light and nostalgic play, aided by Macha Makeïeff, impressed a Slavic melancholy with these dusty memories. Seconded here by Nicolas Mathuriau who plays several instruments on stage.

With eight unpublished songs and two upright pianos, the objects of the past are the vectors of these memories. Pell-mix: two bikes, a removable projection screen, a radio-cassette, old electric meters, a xylophone, a tennis racket, two curtains, and a door in multicolored plastic straps.

Vincent Delerm, a little uncomfortable at his entrance on stage, incarnates Simon. An autobiographical role, which he mastered during the game better and better by imparting an offbeat humor. In the prologue, we hear the voice of Woody Allen and in the end, that of Léo Ferré, who sings in Italian Over time.

Delerm singer claims “an emotion, a song, a show”, and this creation is really successful. It leaves its author alone, in the middle of the ocher walls of the bouffes du Nord theater. As Philippe and Martine Delerm underlines in Fragiles published ten years ago: “We do not know what we are waiting for. It would be so simple to see life in black, life in pink. But the days do not follow each other, are not alike. How much time lost? No. How many certainties? Not. How does one come out of the shell? Fragile.”


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