LA VERF EN PERF Street performance by Marie-Do Fréval, artistic collaboration of Nadège Prugnard

We were a few to receive a mysterious invitation for this performance, in a place kept secret until the eve of this event; we were only told to come well dressed and in black. We met at the Polish Library on Île Saint-Louis, we wait in silence, there is a large rectangular table in the middle of the beautiful patio, caddies full of goblets and bottles of champagne.

Marie-Do arrives in full dress, a long dress with train, and makeup carefully, slowly the face of black and rushes into the streets frantically uttering texts whose meaning escapes us, it must turn around death. We follow her, we are served champagne, she crosses the bridge, throws bundles of 500 dollar bills from the Bank of the Hell! She enters stores, the surprised furniture merchant does not refuse him an armchair, that stuffed animals had to be warned, there is a huge bison, which allows him to assert his speech.

We stop in the garden of remembrance of the deportees on the banks of the Seine and on the other side we see on a large banner, My death is the fault of no one ! This is the title of the show she prepares for 2012.
A horn sounds a throbbing music, we cross the bridge to meet us at the Polish Library, around the table where Marie-Do has spread in a mortal fixity. Fortunately she comes back to life and we are still serving champagne strength.

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