CareerExplorer Career Test

What makes the CareerExplorer career test special?

What makes the CareerExplorer career test special?

  • LAST UPDATED: Feb. 6, 2019

The CareerExplorer career test is different from many other career tests for a few reasons. First, our assessment was built using industry leading scientific practices with the specific intention of producing reliable career recommendations. Our team of scientists and psychologists have isolated over 150 unique, discrete measurements when it comes to your personality. Second, it breaks the mold that some of the traditional career tests have formed after decades of remaining unchanged. CareerExplorer does this by offering users real-time feedback, making the experience engaging and actually fun to do.

CareerExplorer also combines your work history, education, and things like location and salary preferences when deciding what careers would be the best fit for you, amongst our pool of over 700 (and growing) careers.