Happiness is in singing

For more than twenty years we have known the very good “all-terrain fanfare” of the Grooms, a musical, vocal and theatrical group that, in recent times, has revisited Wagner with The Tetralogy of Quat’sous , Purcell with A King Arthur (see The Blog Theater) and Mozart with The Flute under construction. Here, Les Grooms, on the occasion of Printemps des Rues, the street arts festival in the 10th arrondissement, took for landing ground, Saturday and Sunday, near the place of Colonel Fabien, the Place Robert Desnos, at the corner of Albert Camus streets, Francis James, crossed a long time ago on the beach of Guéthary and Tadeusz Boy-Zelenski (1874-1941), writer, poet and satirist, and especially translator of hundreds of works French in Polish. Shot by the Germans like a hundred Polish writers and artists from Lwlow in Georgia! In short, only good writers and poets.

There is a small podium (it is not the space of the photo above but we will put it to you as soon as possible) where the mayor of the 10 th district, with behind her the fanfare of Grooms: (a trumpet, four saxos: baritone, tenor, viola and soprano, a trombone) playing with two singers). She welcomes Jigme Singye Wangchuck, king of Boutan (played by the excellent Pierre Samuel, the comedian of Action discrete Canal Plus) with the honors due to his rank.

Bhutan is a small East-Himalayan Buddhist kingship of 800,000 souls, wedged between China and India, who invented in the early 1970s, a new alternative economic measure: the BNB (Gross National Happiness). Whereas France would be only 47 th just before China … Bhutan, a poorly developed country, was prophetically worried about globalization and wanted to preserve its social values ​​by anchoring them in the terms that the whole world will understand and respect. Thus, it sought to measure the notion of progress by taking into account economic development as well as social, cultural and environmental assets. Until the end of the 90s, television and internet were banned even in Bhutan … At present, many economists in the world are beginning to take an interest in this notion of happiness that they try to quantify as well as wrong.

The Grooms make their entry into music, haloed with smoke blue, white, red. The mayor hands over to Jigme Singye Wangchuck, to the applause of the public, the big golden key of the district. Acknowledgments, accolades, and music obviously. The sound set up by the Festival does not work or so little. Too bad, we would have liked to hear, otherwise than in bits, the text of Durif. But Les Grooms play well tunes composed by Antoine Rosset, and as it is well tuned and well staged, it is easy to get caught.

There is thus Mr. Lheureux, always delighted, cutting the good news of the newspapers to drop them in the mailboxes of people he knows, the wife of Mr. Lapilou surprise with his lover, and Mr. Michalon, just deceased, to whom it is decided to award the 1st Prize of the competition posthumously.

The Grooms ask questions to people perched on their balconies who respond without being asked about their notion of happiness, unfortunate arrival of a 4 X4 in the pedestrian street which is watering insults … The many children are even more delighted than their parents This happiness is in the singing continues its small walk in the district, accompanied by the public who, supported by two choirs: The catch-chorus and Always The same , takes again in chorus the songs. It is not very hot, but the rain has had the great courtesy to be absent and the children are delighted, the parents too. That is the demand of the people?

There reigns a sort of peaceful happiness at the Tati at the end of the afternoon, far from the noise and fury of Paris, as in one of the hundreds of small towns in deep France … The show ends with a requiem for chorus, harmony, fanfare and 4 soloists. Between two rounds of elections, it’s good where it goes!


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