Euphemisms, a French comedy

Directed by Elsa Ménard, lights Laurent Vergnaud

Image result for EUPHÉMISMES, UNE COMÉDIE FRANÇAISE Mise en scène d’Elsa Ménard, lumières Laurent Vergnaud,

Elsa Ménard has undertaken for several years a relevant work on the racist clichés of the political language of wood expressed by many elected representatives of the right as “left” and by everyone. She had presented a pertinent draft of the ambiguous remarks of every day in I am the other , at Jeune zé jolie at Collectif 12 of Mantes la Jolie, two years ago with three comedians. The subject of Euphemisms, a French comedy is more ambitious, the nine actors decline speeches held by the right, Alain Juppé to Charles de Gaulle via Christian Estrosi, Jacques Chirac or Robert Pandraud, Nicolas Sarkozy and Patrick Ollier, refuted by men of the left, like Bruno Le Roux, Jack Ralite or Jean-Pierre Chevènement.

“Dwarves” Anicet Pors, Alain Finkelraut or Blandine Kriegel, the black man, the perfect voter, Mr. It’s not going either, the black man, Ms. Loyal, bounce the debate. The actors, more real than life, bring out the imbecility of this “political” language, which here is a little bit lengthy, the first part lasting an hour and a half, the second one hour, before a public stupefied by the stupidity of About.

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