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Julien Travaillé, a daring director, has been collaborating for several years with the Granit of Belfort, which this time hosted him in the gardens, on the banks of the Savoureuse flowing along the theater.

He embarked on a strange walk with two choirs, a team of amateur actors, children and a strong professional technical team to evoke the fall of Dom Juan in hell. There is a musical opening, then the action starts on the roof of the theater, we are then taken in a maze of curtains of bridal dresses in a row, we see, on the other side of the Savoureuse, a choir of Wives in white dresses with flaming cups floating on the water: they will take us later to the other side with the Dies Irae of Mozart’s Requiem , to witness the fall of Dom Juan in hell.

On the transparent facade that Jean Nouvel has built in the flan of the theater, we see the abandoned women and the shadow of Dom Juan, who falls, who falls inevitably. Julien Travaillé mobilized for six months a team of a hundred people to present a moving show in his awkwardness and generosity, plastic beauty and overwhelming music.

Only three performances were given, and we regret not having found any document on the show.

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